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 Sichun Youzhu New Material Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.

 Sichun Youzhu New Material Science & Technology Co.,Ltd., was established in 2018, is the wholly owned subsidiary of Unibrom CORP. At present, it has built a large-scale industrial chain of research, development, production and sales of characteristic chemical products, and perfect production and quality management system to provide customers with more targeted services.

The company develops in the field of oilfield additive research and development and high-efficiency compound fertilizer industry chain, making full use of abundant phosphate rock resources and bromine resources in Sichuan and Shandong Province, extending the service chain to more than 130 countries and regions around the world, and establishing perfect distribution network. The network is committed to providing customers with quality services and a wide range of application solutions, thus becoming the preferred business partner for customers.

We understand that research and development plays a pivotal role in improving competitiveness. Excellent cooperation with Southwest petroleum university advanced technology research and development capabilities and industry leadership to achieve continuous growth through innovation. We continue to expand business by developing innovative processes and products, developing innovative and efficient solutions, and continuously optimizing existing production processes.