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Comparison of Sand Control Methods
2021-01-20 08:57:07

Reduction of drag forces: Flow rate per unit area, if applicable, should be given first consideration. Increase flow area if possible. Good well completion practices are paramount.

Gravel packing: This offers the only practical sand control for long zones. Gravel packing may also be most practical for short zones but remedial work, multiple completions, small hole diameters and abnormal pressures increase difficulty and cost.

Open hole gravel pack should alwys be used on single completions where water or gas shut-off or other change of completion interval is not anticipated.

Inside casing gravel pack restricts productivity but productivity may be maximized by a sufficient number of large clean perforations and effective placement of the gravel perhaps to the point of approaching the productivity of the OHGP ( open hole gravel packing).

Resin consolidation: This is used in short zones where for one reason or another a gravel pack cannot be used. Some of the applications are: small pipe diameter, top zone of a dual completion, offshore or isolated location where tubing hoist is not available, and abnormal formation pressures make through tubing work advisable.

Resin sand pack: This has most of the same problems and advantages of the inside casing gravel pack.

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